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Jim Stein retired from the Navy in 2014 and now writes Science Fiction and Fantasy. Strange Tidings (Legends Walk book 1) is his first published work. Book 2, Strange Omens, is now available in eBook and paperback. Strange Medicine is coming summer 2019 to finish the trilogy.

A little glimpse of Quinn

The girl could play. Quinn’s eyes were huge and dark, her nose narrow and petite.  There was probably a touch of Asian ancestry there. If she smiled, I was sure it would transform her face for the better. Still, she was gorgeous. The blouse she

Ed gets carried away working on his music mix after hours.

Excerpt from Strange Tidings: Throbbing chords filled me, swirling and building. The short, fierce piece was a perfect finale to my mix of progressive rock, metal, and alternative. I left the genre-less hip-hop, stained with corporate agendas, moldering in the city ruins. This

Strange Tidings (Legends Walk book 1) release date: Feb 26, 2018

Great news! My first novel will be released by The Wild Rose Press on 02/26/2018. But you can buy it sooner!     Strange Tidings will be available soon for pre-orders at Amazon, I-tunes, and other sites.  

So this is a “Blog”

I’m excited to start reaching out to readers and the writing community. The coming months should see the establishment of my author pages on Goodreads, Amazon, and Facebook. I’m working to establish my internet presence while Strange Tidings works through