Work In Progress

Legends Walk Series

Book 1: Strange Tidings Final - Galley for release
100% Complete
100 of 100 % progress
Release date: 2/26/18

Book 2: Strange Omens - Final edit and road to publication (ask me about it)
25% Complete
25 of 100 % progress

Book 3: Strange Medicine - 1st draft in progress
97% Complete
97 of 100 % progress

SciFi Novel

Plants Gone Wild (a.k.a. Planet Fred) - 2nd draft
45% Complete
45 of 100 % progress

Strange Tidings is available as an eBook from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, I-tunes, and The Wild Rose Press

Print versions can be purchased through Amazon and The Wild Rose Press

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press.

Genre: Urban Fantasy set in New Philadelphia

Readers: Teen-adult appropriate

For musician Ed Johnson even sleep is no escape from the crazy old Indian stalking him through New Philadelphia’s ruins and his dreams. But when a crone with the evil eye and half-forgotten nightmare creatures threaten his sister, Ed must confront the old man and an improbable heritage. His music has power—true power. But is it enough to save them?


Last WIP Update: 11/08/18