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Legends Walk series

Get the magic; feel the music

The apocalypse didn’t arrive with nuclear war or a plague of zombies, just a quiet virus that sterilized most everyone and put humanity’s future in jeopardy. Fifty years later, seventeen-year-old Ed Johnson plies his musical talents in New Philadelphia, jumping at the chance to help launch a coworker’s band.

Genre: Urban Fantasy  (teen through adult appropriate)

Strange Tidings (book 1): Ed discovers his music holds true power. 

  • Fighting the darkness one song at a time

Strange Omens (book 2): The band goes on tour, but evil lurks in the ruins as Ed finds kindred spirits.

  • Who wins when gods interfere

Strange Medicine (book 3): The land is sick and alternate dimensions are bleeding through. Ed and his friends travel to a distant land to stop an ancient evil from returning to destroy them all.

  • When realms collide

Strange Origins

Strange Origins, the Legends Walk Prequel

In desperate times, the tribes call on their gods.
But when demons answer
Is a stranger with amnesia to blame, or is he the key to their survival?

* Strange Origins is a full prequel that takes place before book 1 but can be read at any time as a full stand-alone.

Magic Trade School series

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Magic for fun and profit sounded perfect…

…awesome powers, a killer career, and a fresh start.

But evil won’t wait for graduation.

The MTS complete series includes: The Heartstone Chamber, The Silver Portal, and The Forgotten Isle.

My projects explode thanks to haywire magic. Who knew? Wish I did before one accidentally blew up and landed me in trade school. Way better than jail, but Attwater Academy isn’t your typical vocational school.

Planet Fred: A space-slime continuum adventure

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Genre: Humorous Science Fiction

She’s a classically-trained scientist fighting for survival in an alien jungle. He’s four feet of wise-cracking goo and phlegm. When human botanist and talking slug team up to search for survivors from Nancy’s expedition, all seems hopeless. Bizarre alien invaders lurk around every corner, scouring the land for a mysterious substance worth a king’s ransom—valuable enough to kill for.

Joining up with one of these hunting parties might be a ticket off this god-forsaken rock. But who can they trust, who harbors dark secrets, and can any of them survive the ravages of Planet Fred?

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