A little glimpse of Quinn

The girl could play. Quinn’s eyes were huge and dark, her nose narrow and petite.  There was probably a touch of Asian ancestry there. If she smiled, I was sure it would transform her face for the better. Still, she was gorgeous. The blouse she wore under the jacket had a hand-painted image on it. Part of a word, “YA,” peeked through her open jacket, along with the scaled foot of some creature inked in a stylized red arc on a black background.

“Getting an eyeful there?” Quinn’s question jerked my attention up to her now scowling face.

“Uh, yeah, I mean no.” Damn it. I must really have been short on sleep to have walked into that trap. “Dragon?” My voice cracked as I pointed at her chest, realized what I was doing, and snapped down my hand.


Jim Stein retired from the Navy in 2014 and now writes Science Fiction and Fantasy. Strange Tidings (Legends Walk book 1) is his first published work. Book 2, Strange Omens, is now available in eBook and paperback. Strange Medicine is coming summer 2019 to finish the trilogy.

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