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Magic Trade School prequel

Fire took his family but left him with a gift.

Magic is uncommon in Victorian London, but games of chance abound. Grifter, prankster Regis Gladstone uses his special ability to beat the system. From dice to cards and more. Half the games are rigged, so it’s not really cheating. At least, that’s the way he sees it until two groups of robed fanatics set their sights on him.

One group wants to stop Regis. The other wants his magic for a lucrative heist, stealing an ancient artifact out from under the church’s nose. But the relic is far from divine. It’s dark aura casts new light on the players and paints a target on his back. Trust doesn’t come naturally to the former street urchin, but Regis must figure out who’s who to survive what’s coming.

Before Darkness is a stand-alone novella and prequel to the Magic Trade School completed series.

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