Meet the band.

Forty-five minutes later, Billy and his players joined me by the exit doors. A grin stretched my face. “Great set, Billy.” I nodded to the girl in the white tank top. “Truly epic opening.” She graced me with a wintry smile, the kind you see on cannibalistic snowmen. She seemed about to say something along the lines of “What’s […]

A little glimpse of Quinn

The girl could play. Quinn’s eyes were huge and dark, her nose narrow and petite.  There was probably a touch of Asian ancestry there. If she smiled, I was sure it would transform her face for the better. Still, she was gorgeous. The blouse she wore under the jacket had a hand-painted image on it. Part of a word, “YA,” peeked through […]

Ed gets carried away working on his music mix after hours.

Excerpt from Strange Tidings: Throbbing chords filled me, swirling and building. The short, fierce piece was a perfect finale to my mix of progressive rock, metal, and alternative. I left the genre-less hip-hop, stained with corporate agendas, moldering in the city ruins. This music was real, powerful. My hands flew, calling forth a blizzard of notes from the embattled instruments. […]